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New Members

Dear Fellow Member

Thank you for joining / re-joining Melton Mowbray Tennis Club, and may I extend a very warm welcome to you. Melton Mowbray Tennis Club is the newest most vibrant Tennis Club In the county boasting 4 new Artificial Clay courts. 

I can confirm receipt of your membership Payment. 


  • The Clubhouse is for all to use and we all have to play our part in looking after it. 

  • Currently our toilet and changing facilities are located at the ( Sports Hall ) just across the car park from the Tennis courts, Tennis members and guests can use the toilets and the changing facility free of charge. They are open Mon-Sat 8.30am-9.30pm and Sunday 10am-4pm.

  • Under 12s are not permitted to use the Clubhouse unless accompanied by an adult or coach. 

  • Floodlight switches are located at the far end of the tennis courts and can only be accessed when trained to do so. 

  • Please ensure floodlights are switched off after use as electricity costs are a big drain on the club accounts. 

  • Please ensure all lights, heaters and appliances are switched off when leaving the clubhouse and the doors are fully secured and locked. 

  • Please report any damage or any issues to

  • We supply free tea and coffee and only ask you keep the kitchen area tidy.

Court Access 

  • We have 4 of the BEST outdoor, floodlit, Artificial Clay courts in the county for your free use.

  • Access is via the main gate and the top gate furthest away from the clubhouse and the pin code is on the conformation email when you book a court. Please ensure you lock the gate on leaving. Thank you. 

  • Guests of members are welcome to play @MMTC, After 2 visits we then ask them to pay £10 court hire fee or join the club, Members can hire the court with your quest between the hours of 8am-5pm to be paid by the member into the club account. 

  • Online court booking is via the Court Booking page on the Melton Mowbray Tennis Club website where you can check court availability and book a court. 


  • You can also download Clubspark Booker app and use it to book courts from your phone. 

  • Tennis shoes and appropriate clothing must be worn on the courts at all times. 

  • Remember to drag the courts after use and remove all litter and debris from the courts after play. 

  • We are located in a residential area, so please be respectful of our neighbours when on court. 

  • Children under 12 and dogs are not permitted in the grounds unless accompanied and controlled by an adult member or coach. 

Club Play 

  • Our club night is on a Thursday evening from 7pm- 9.30pm. This is open to all adult members and we usually play games of doubles with regular changes of partners and opponents. 

  • We also have Men's night on a Tuesday, Ladies night on a Wednesday. 

  • To book a Club Night spot, put your name down in the what’s app group or just turn up. 

  • Club evenings run  48 weeks per year, weather permitting, but please come prepared for the cold weather during the winter months. 


  • Friendly evening tournaments are organised regularly and are often accompanied by a post match buffet and social Beverage. 

  • We hold our Club Championship Tournament in September, with trophies to be won in Men’s, Ladies, and Mixed and Junior categories: singles and doubles. 


Team Play / Competitive Play 

  • We enter teams into both the Leicestershire LTA Summer and winter Leagues (outdoors) and the Winter Indoor league at the Dan Maskal Tennis Centre Loughborough. We currently have men’s / ladies / mixed / junior teams and team tennis teams. 

  • If you would like to make yourself available for matches, please let a coach know.


  • Adult and children’s group coaching is offered at Melton Mowbray Tennis Club 

  • We have Men’s coaching on a Tuesday and Ladies coaching on a Wednesday followed by social play, more information is on our website. 

  • Our Head Coach is Di; you can contact her if you would like more information on private 1:1 or small group or family coaching sessions. 

Head Coach:     Di Burdett 

   +44 (0)7841 380410 


Club Coach:   Brent Horobin 

     +44 (0)7903 046086 


Club Coach:     Ryan Palmer 

     +44 (0) 7415 100506 


The Committee:

Chairman                      Justin Horobin                                                                                                                                                                 Vice Chairman              Peter Lovegrove
Treasurer                      Carol Gilchrist
Secretary                       Jason Wheatley     
Head Coach                  Di Burdett                                                                                                                                                                   Match Secretary           Brent Horobin

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    You will receive emails from us from time to time updating you on news, competitions, committee meetings etc. and you can also follow us at: 


Web site

 British Tennis Membership

  • You are invited to join the Lawn Tennis Association to obtain a BTM number. This is not compulsory, but is free of charge and gets you access to the annual Wimbledon ticket ballot, discounts on other tickets and tennis merchandise and a monthly newsletter. 

  • Log into and click on sign up for British Tennis Membership in the top right hand corner and complete your personal details. Don't forget to link yourself to Melton Mowbray Tennis Club.  

All other information and contacts can be found on our website and the quickest way to contact us is via our

(Get In touch) form at the bottom of our website homepage 


Padlock codes for court access and the Clubhouse key please contact Justin 07973866006



Happy Tennis! 

Sue Burdett 

MMTC Membership

drag clay courts.jpg

                            Court Etiquette

While Tennis has its official rules, we would like to remind you that it’s also important to be mindful of court etiquette, a set of unofficial rules that signify good tennis sportsmanship. We encourage you to take the time to read and follow these guidelines.

Tennis is a social game, a game involving simple politeness and consideration. Everyone will enjoy the game so much more if these guidelines are observed.

Here are some etiquette guidelines we would like you to follow:

  • Talk quietly when standing near tennis courts that are in use.

  • Never walk behind a court when a point is still in play. Wait until the point is over and then cross as fast as possible.

  • If people are already on your court, don’t disturb them until their time is up.

  • Always come prepared. Bring not only balls, bring towels and water to drink when it is hot.

  • Only wear tennis designed trainers with non marking trainers for tennis as this prolongs the life span of the courts.

  • (See our local Pro Shop)  Other shoes may wear out quickly, hurt your feet, or damage the court.

  • When you’re ready to play, put racket covers, ball cans, jackets etc., out of everyone’s way.

  • To see who serves first, spin your racket or toss a coin. If you win the toss, the choice is yours. You may serve first, or you may choose to receive first or to pick which end of the court you want to start playing on. As a third choice you may make your opponent choose first.

  • When sending balls back to a neighbouring court, sent over to the back of the court. Never send them back while play is in progress.

  • Offer to bring new balls or organize a system to decide who brings the balls.

  • Retrieve balls for your partner and your opponent.

  • Don’t criticize your partner, offer encouragement.

  • Call your own lines and let your opponent hear the call. If the ball is good say nothing and play on.

  • Always respect the line calls of your opponent.

  • If there is a disagreement, offer a let. In other words, replay the point, even if it was a second service.

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